Planting Guide



Legume Overplanting Rainfall (mm) Pref Soil Type Waterlogging Frost Drought
Planting Rate (kg/Ha) AgriCOTEAgriCOTE Pro Tech
Marginal Dryland Good Dryland Irrigated
Bambatsii Panic 500 Clay loams Good Good V.Good
3-5 8-12 12-15
Cool season greenness, tolerates heavy grazing, heavy black soils, periodic waterlogging and saline areas.
Buffel – USA, Gayndah, Biloela 350 Light to medium soil types, however, Biloela tolerates heavier soil types Poor Poor to Fair V.Good
4-6 8-12 12-15
Most widely planted sub-tropical grass in northern Australia, hardy and productive with high fertility.
Consol Lovegrass 350 Light soils Poor Fair Good
4-6 8-12 12-15
Highly persistent on light, sandy soils. Not highly palatable.
Creeping Bluegrass – Bissett, Hatch 600 Wide ranging, tolerates lower fertility Poor Fair Fair
6-8 10-12 12-15
A hardy grass that will invade speargrass and establish on clays. Bisset is finer leafed and roots down more strongly than Hatch. Good for erosion control.
Floren Bluegrass 625 Basaltic clays and heavy alluvial soil Good Fair Fair
2-3 6-8 10-12
Used to re-grass flood plains colonised by lippia.
Gatton/Green Panic 650 Fertile and lighter Poor Fair Fair
3-6 10-12 12-15
Grows best on high fertility soils. Gatton Panic tolerates textured soil types and shade, but can be preferentially gazed.
Humidicola*-Tully Grass 1000 Varying, tolerates lower fertility Good Poor Fair
4-6 8-12 12-15
Adopted to wetter, low lying areas than Decumbens with a shorter season.
Indian Bluegrass 500 Varying Poor Fair V.Good
4-6 8-12 12-15
A hardy, free seeding plant spread widely throughout NQ and CQ.
Kikuyu – Whittet 1000 Red loams and basaltic soils Good Good Fair
1.5-3 8-12 12-15
Has high fertility requirements and does best in moist and elevated, fertile basaltic tablelands.
Premier Digitaria 650 Lighter soil types Poor Fair V.Good
4-6 8-12 12-15
Perennial tufted, grazing tolerant perennial grass best suited to higher fertility, high rainfall areas.
Paspalum* 750 Fertile soil types Good Good Fair
2-5 8-12 12-15
Palatable, tufted, grazing tolerant perennial grass best suited to higher fertility, high rainfall areas.
Purple Pigeon Grass 600 Self-mulching clays Fair Fair V.Good
4-6 8-12 12-15
Medium term perennial suited to self-mulching clays.
Rhodes Grass – Katambora, Callide 650 A wider range of light to medium soil types Fair Fair Fair
5-7 8-12 15-20
Katambora: Productive, more stoloniferous grass, suited for erosion control. Callide: Productive palatable grass suited to fertile soils. NB: All Rhodes grasses are quick to establish and have moderate salt tolerance.
Setaria Splenda 800 Varying V.Good Good Fair
2-6 8-12 12-15
Hardy palatable and coastal grass well suited to sub-tropical regiions.
Signal Grass* 800 Varying Fair Poor Good
2-6 8-10 12-15
Valuable grass in the wet tropics, when nitrogen fertilised.
Urochloa – Sabi Grass 500 Varying Poor Poor Good
2-6 8-10 12-15
Useful in the tropics. Needs some fertility or companion legume.


* Available as bare seed only


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Legume Overplanting Minimum
Soil Type
Planting Rate (kg/Ha)
AgriCOTE Pro Tech
Planting Time
Vetch (Jester/Lee) 1200 Poor Poor V.Good Light-Heavy 2-4 Spring/Summer
Burgundy Bean (B1 Burgundy) 400 Good Fair Fair Light-Heavy 3-4 Spring/Summer
Desmanthus 500 Good Fair Poor Medium-Heavy 2-4 Spring/Summer
Glycine (Tinaroo/Cooper) 750 Good Fair Poor Medium-Heavy 3-8 Spring/Summer
Greenleaf Desmodium 500 Poor Fair Good Light-Medium 2-4 Spring/Summer
Lucerne (Sardi 5/ Sardi 7s2 / Sardi 10s2) 400 V.Good V.Good Poor Light-Medium 1-3* Autumn to Spring
Medic Burr (Cavalier) 350 Good Good Fair Medium-Heavy 2-4 Autumn/Spring
Medic Barrel (Paraggio / Caliph / Sultan-SU) 350 Good V.Good Fair Light-Heavy 2-4 Autumn/Spring
Medic Snail (Silver/Sava) 350 Good Good Fair Medium-Heavy 2-4 Autumn/Spring
Milgarra Butterfly Pea 550 Good Poor Fair Medium-Heavy 4 Spring/Summer
Peanut (Pinto/Amarillo) 1000 Fair Fair Fair Medium-Heavy 8-12 Spring/Summer
Shaw Creeping Vigna 1200 Poor Poor Good Medium-Heavy 1-2 Spring/Summer
Siratro (Aztec) 700 Good Poor Fair Medium-Heavy 3-8 Spring/Summer
Stylo Shrubby (Seca / Siran / Fitzroy) – Scabra type 350 V.Good Poor Fair Light 1-5 Spring/Summer
Stylo Caribbean (Verano / Amiga) – Hamata type 400 Good Fair Fair Light 1-5 Spring/Summer
Stylo Fine Stem 700-900 V.Good Fair Poor Light-Medium 2-5 Spring/Summer
White Clover (Haifa / Storm) 800 Good Fair Good Medium-Heavy 2-6
Wynn Cassia 400 V.Good Fair Poor Light-Medium 3 Spring/Summer


  • Dung establishment via loose-lick – 5kg of seed per 1000kg of product
  • Lucerne Sowing rates for pure stands
  • Marginal Dryland: 6-8kg/Ha
  • Good Dryland: 10-12kg/Ha
  • Irrigated: 22-25kg/Ha


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